Camfel In-Person Assemblies

Camfel Productions’ In-Person Assembly Programs have been designed to engage students in grades k-12.

The all-school-wide presentation has the same content as the Streaming Program, but with a Professional Presenter, your event can be tailored to address key topics that affect your students directly.

This program addresses Character-Education topics such as Bully Prevention, Self-Confidence, Respect, Personal-Responsibility, and many more, in a relevant, fun, and engaging presentation, featuring popular music and movie clips, all in a 35-45 minute presentation.

There are different assembly-program options with different themes, but all highlight real students offering real-life solutions to real-life problems.

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School Assembly Presentations

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1. What is the assembly about?

Each program is designed to promote healthy decisions as students are challenged to examine their own values and attitudes while showing how personal improvement and effort can bring about positive social changes.

All of our presentations have top-chart music, movie clips, and student stories that are relevant and engaging and hold students’ interest.


2. What is the length of the presentations?

We have programs designed for grades k-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. The appox time for grades k-5 programs is 30-35 minutes and for grades 6-12 programs, 40-45 minutes.


3.  How much student interaction?

Every Assembly Program has question breaks within the presentation.

Our presenter will do a brief introduction, interaction within the presentation, and an illustrative conclusion. Every program involves student interaction by talking about the Character qualities of students. We provide what questions the presenter will ask ahead and can tailor our questions to communicate a specific school topic to your audience.


4.  How much technical knowledge or equipment do we need?

No technical experience is necessary. We supply all the audio video and a professional Technician. Our Camfel presenter has over 20 years of experience and the skills needed to set up and run your assembly program.


5. What type of room is required for a Camfel Assembly?

Camfel Programs can be shown in any type of room including gymnasiums, auditoriums, and multi-purpose rooms. As with any projected image, the darker the room, the better the image will look.


6. I’m interested. What’s next?

If you are interested, please fill out the ‘Let’s Connect form. We just need to know the exact date you like to schedule a Camfel Assembly Program so that we can give you the thumbs up if that day you want to schedule is available.