Bullying & Goal Setting Series:

  • Teacher-Led easy ready to use lessons

  • Group discussion loaded with tips and activities

  • Real students leading to impactful discussions

These innovative easy-to-use Internet streaming programs will engage and inspire students. Engaging content to get your students talking and thinking about the importance of good character and making wise decisions.

Engaging streamable presentation addressing:

  • Self-leadership & decision making

  • Cyber security and bully prevention

  • Drug, Alcohol, and Vaping prevention

  • Goal setting and achievement

LEVEL UP: It’s embracing the possibilities of the future, imagining what can be and with resilience and determination working to move forward with confidence and a belief in a better tomorrow.

Free classroom follow-up resource included.

 Engaging streamable presentation addressing:

  • Social manners and citizenship.
  • Teamwork and building relationships
  • Cyberbullying & cyber security
  • The power of kind words

GO VIRAL challenges students to make “real” connections at school and in the social media world. Students will be motivated to build authentic relationships and inspire others along the way.

Free classroom follow-up resource included.

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