TRUST ME will motivate students to:

  • Navigate the challenges of building trust and maintaining integrity

  • Understand the importance of honesty and trust in personal growth and relationships

  • Resist social pressures and stay true to themselves

  • Cultivate strong friendships and communities through trust
  • Develop strategies for earning and maintaining trust in various contexts.

Theme: Integrity & Trust

DARE TO MOVE will motivate students to:

  • Overcome your fear of failure and move forward to achieve your goals

  • Persevere during tough times and thrive in the face of challenges

  • Create a culture of encouragement and working together as a team

  • Importance of being involved, the benefits of being motivated to learn, and the rewards of hard work vs. the downfalls of procrastination and self-isolation.

Theme: Commitment & Perseverance

VOICES will motivate students to:

  • Develop Inner Confidence needed to avoid the pressure to get involved in destructive activities

  • Consider how their VOICE can be used to give acceptance and appreciation to others

  • Discern between positive and negative VOICES

  • Accept your entire self, both the traits you’re proud of and those you’d like to improve.

Theme: Responsibility & Encouraging Others

STATE OF ME will motivate students to:

  • Evaluate and embrace their own unique talents and abilities.

  • Encourage students to try new things and make new friends

  • Embrace the differences in others and help them feel accepted

  • Find common interests instead of being critical is crucial to our well-being

Theme: Personal Identity—Understanding Others

Level Up will motivate students to:

  • Realize the importance of the choices they are making each day

  • Understand how Social Media can cause them to lose focus on their goals

  • Recognize how bullying, drugs, alcohol, and vaping can place limitations on their lives

  • Become a strong self-leader and the value of planning for their futures

Theme: Self-Leadership—Decision Making—Achieving Goals—Bully Prevention—Cyber Security.

GO VIRAL will motivate students to:

  • Act responsibly within the social media world

  • Use technology safely, ethically, and responsibly

  • Excel a new sense of their own innate worth

  • Establish healthy screen time habits and encourage real connections.

Theme: Kindness—Social Media—Citizenship