VOICES will motivate students to:

  • Build authentic relationships

  • Post more encouraging and comforting comments

  • Lift one another up and champion each other’s accomplishments

  • Become a role model for others to follow

Theme: Kindness—Social Media—Citizenship

STATE OF ME will motivate students to:

  • Evaluate and embrace their own unique talents and abilities.

  • Encourage students to try new things and make new friends

  • Embrace the differences in others and help them feel accepted

  • Find common interests instead of being critical is crucial to our well-being

Theme: Personal Identity—Understanding Others

Level Up will motivate students to:

  • Realize the importance of the choices they are making each day

  • Understand how Social Media can cause them to lose focus on their goals

  • Recognize how bullying, drugs, alcohol, and vaping can place limitations on their lives

  • Become a strong self-leader and the value of planning for their futures

Theme: Self-Leadership—Decision Making—Achieving Goals—Bully Prevention—Cyber Security.

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