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Theme: Benefits of Good Decisions

Each day is full of choices - decisions we all have to make. Whether it's deciding to skip breakfast or finish your homework, each decision, no matter the size and weight of them, has the power to influence you in both positive and negative ways.

Unfortunately, the ability to choose what's best for us is often clouded by the way we view ourselves. Instead of asking, "Is this worth it?" we let others control our decisions, giving in to the pressure to participate in negative behavior like using drugs & alcohol in an effort to appear "worth it" to those around us.

Camfel Productions' WORTH IT! Will demonstrate to your students that the choices they make today will directly affect their future. They will be taught to take control of the decisions they make, and that through perseverance and self-discipline, they can make the right choices - choices that will lead them to success in school and in life.

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Worth It Deluxe Package

A follow-up discussion video, two 18"x24" posters, one 5'x2' banner, and 600 two-sided bookmarks can add valuable follow-up to the assembly.

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