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Two Versions available: One for your K-2 students and a second for grades 3-5

Theme: Making Good Decisions

The RIGHT CHOICE will help your elementary students discern which decisions are the best decisions. The program will address how the choices they make will affect hem in both positive and negative ways. Positive choices like being active, eating the right food, listening to their teacher, doing their homework, and being a good friend, will help them feel healthy, get along with others, and enable them to do well in school. Negative choices, like eating junk food, acting up in class, and being a bully, will only bring trouble. The RIGHT CHOICE provides students with the skills needed to handle bullying, make good choices, and encourage them to help those around them. They will learn that good decisions lead to positive actions, and that the right choices will help them and their friends excel in school and in life.

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The Right Choice Deluxe Package

A follow-up discussion video, two 18"x24" posters, one 5'x2' banner, and 600 two-sided bookmarks can add valuable follow-up to the assembly.

The Right Choice Discussion Guide