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Theme: Seeing Value In Others

It starts with a casual glance; a snap judgment from a distance. "Valuable or worthless?" "Attractive or repulsive?" "Suitable to copy or just to ridicule?" We base life-changing conclusions about people on their outside appearance and rarely seek to understand their life from their POINT OF VIEW.

Everybody has a different slant on what's going on, a one-of-a-kind way of looking at life. It's what makes life interesting. And social media has made communicating and the sharing of these one-of-a-kind ideas easier than ever before. However, too many use social media to communicate negative ideas about those they know very little about. Opinions and beliefs are based on minimal evidence but shared with hard hitting comments and crushing words.

Too many POINT OF VIEWs are filled with judging, criticizing, mocking, and condemning statements.
These viewpoints build up cliques and tear down confidence. This type of thinking leads people to.. critical, lack kindness, and eventually bully others.
...motivate people to do wrong things, like drugs, alcohol, or smoking to avoid the critical opinions of others.
...creates doubt in our own abilities leading to a belief that our self-worth is based on what others think.

It's easy for our POINT OF VIEW to become distorted in our attempts to avoid these negative critics. We believe our worth to be based on the number of likes, hearts and smiles we receive. Our media sites are filled with a long list of friends who know very little about us at all. But does it have to be like this? What if we could change how we approach our viewpoints and work at listening to others. Imagine how much richer life will be if we take the time to look a little deeper, to listen to what people are really saying, and seek to understand their POINT OF VIEW. POINT OF VIEW is a new 40 minute multi-media experience from Camfel Productions designed to look beyond the violence, racism, intolerance, harrassment, and hate in this world, giving students a new perspective on the differences that separate them from their peers, their parents, and the others who are around them. While they gain a new sense of their own innate worth, they'll grow to appreciate the diversity of race, language, and culture that make up the community in which they live.

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Point of View Deluxe Package

A follow-up discussion video, two 18"x24" posters, one 5'x2' banner, and 600 two-sided bookmarks can add valuable follow-up to the assembly.

Point of View Discussion Guide