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Theme: Responsibility

IT"S MY LIFE is a thought-provoking three-screen school assembly program that focuses on the desire for control; our quest for independence; respect; and the power to choose what we feel is best for our lives. Students will learn that the power to choose requires a heavy dose of personal responsibility, and that making the responsible choice isn't always the easy choice.

There's a lot of pressure out there to make poor choices with consequences we may not like. Bullying, drugs, alcohol and smoking are just a few of the irresponsible choices students will be tempted with along the way. By learning how to manage our time correctly, and by discovering and pursuing the skills we enjoy, we can avoid those pressures that hold us back from moving forward with our livess. With practice, we can develop the skills necessary to make the right choices and act responsibly when facing difficult situations.

Camfel Productions' IT'S MY LIFE is a motivational school assembly that will challenge your students to make the positive choices for themselves, while they demonstrate respect for those around them.

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It's My Life Deluxe Package

A follow-up discussion video, two 18"x24" posters, one 5'x2' banner, and 600 two-sided bookmarks can add valuable follow-up to the assembly.

It's My Life Discussion Guide