Junior and High School Assemblies

3-screen assembly programs designed to erase the insecurities and fears students face daily, replacing them with an understanding of their true protential and the desire and motivation to be the best they can be in whatever circumstances they face.

Point of View!

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Theme: Seeing Value In Others

POINT OF VIEW! is a new 40 minute multi-media experience from Camfel Productions designed to look beyond the violence, racism, intolerance, harrassment, and hate in this world, giving students a new perspective on the differences that separate them from their peers, their parents, and the others who are around them. While they gain a new sense of their own innate worth, they'll grow to appreciate the diversity of race, language, and culture that make up the community in which they live.

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It's My Life

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Theme: Responsibility

IT'S MY LIFE is a three-screen school assembly. The program focuses on the desire for control; for independence; respect; and the power to choose. However, the power to choose comes when we make responsible choices. Making the responsible choice isn't always the easy choice. Everyone likes to have fun, but too often the fun choices are in direct conflict with the responsible ones. IT'S MY LIFE is a motivational school assembly challenging students to make positive choices for themsleves while demonstrating respect for those around them.

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