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Two Versions available: One for your K-2 students and a second for grades 3-5

Theme: Seeing the Value of Others

Give people a chance. See them EYE TO EYE. Because what you see is mostly the result of what you decide to look at.

It starts with a casual glance; a snap judgment from a distance. "Valuable or worthless?' "Attractive or repulsive?" "Suitable to copy or just to ridicule?" We base life-changing conclusions about people on their outside appearance and rarely take the time to see them EYE TO EYE.

This type of thinking leads people to...
...be critical, lack kindness, and eventually bully others.
...believe that their self-worth is based on what others think.
...believe that some people are more valuable than others.

Every day of our lives we make decisions based on what we see or at least on what we think we see. And most of the time it's a good thing we do. But sometimes, what may look real at first turns out to be not-so-real. Rather than taking a quick glance and making a snap judgment that's over in a blink, we need to take a second look with a kindness and caring attitude to see them EYE TO EYE.

What we see in other people is mostly the result of what we decide to look at. If we only look at the surface, we'll live on the surface. But if we take the time to look deeper, to listen to what people are really saying, to understand their point of view, and get to know them, we will start seeing others EYE TO EYE.

Camfel Productions' EYE TO EYE is a high energy three-screen multi-media presentation designed to give students a straightforward look at how we classify, categorize and label each other. This experience of music and media focuses on the attitudes that lead to build up cliques, tear down confidence, and bullying behaviors. It's an invitation to look beneath the surface and see other people and ourselves EYE TO EYE.

You may preview the presentation here!

To view the full show, click here or contact us at info@camfel.com

Eye to Eye Deluxe Package

A follow-up discussion video, two 18"x24" posters, one 5'x2' banner, and 600 two-sided bookmarks can add valuable follow-up to the assembly.

Eye to Eye Discussion Guide